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Life and Death


by Stephanie Meyer

“Try not to get caught up in antiquated gender roles.”

Rate? B-Lifeanddeathtwilightreimagined

Stephanie Meyer wrote Life and Death for the tenth anniversary of Twilight. Can you believe it? Ten Years!!! I’ve been a fan for quite some time so I was kind of hoping for Midnight Sun but we get what we get. Stephanie (feels weird calling her by her first name cause we are not friends but I can dream) specified in her foreword that this was neither new material nor Midnight Sun just a story to prove that Bella was not a damsel in distress per say, the vampires just were the Superheroes. I think it was great and for more details read below in the Non-Spoiler section or the Spoilers section.


Characters? So Edward turned to Edythe, Bella turned to Beau, Alice to Archie, Carlisle to Carine, Emmett to Eleanor, Rosalie to Royal and etc. They all kept their essence, Beau is clumsy and awkward, Royal hates Beau, Eleanor loves grizzly bears, Edythe is over protective, Carine is a doctor. However, there are changes but they are really small which kind of makes it even more interesting. Like always Mrs. Stephanie Meyer doesn’t disappoint with her character descriptions and development. It was actually really fun to “meet” all this new characters and go back to the Twilight World.

Setting? Forks, Washington, like in all the other Twilight books; and like in all the Twilight books it is wet, green, and Beau/Bella hates it until he/she meets Edythe/Edward.

Plot? The plot follows pretty much the same as Twilight with a few differenes in  dialogue and situations. However, the end is a big surprise ending and that’s all Im saying because Non-Spoilers.

Recommend? Yes, if you’re huge Twilight fan. If you haven’t read any of the Twilight books then go read those first.

That’s it for the Non-Spoilery section so if you haven’t read… skip to the end! Because the next part has SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.


Favorite Part? The fact that the girls actually asked guys to the dance because it was girls choice and the Port Angeles trip/saving him/date was really fun to read in this point of view. The way they talked about the situation was a little less awkward I feel and quicker plus they both had great lines.

Least Favorite Part? THE ENDING. It was a good idea I just didn’t like how it was done. He went to his own funeral and he asked her to marry her in that non special way. The alternate ending was cool but…

What would I change? …. That’s what I would have changed. I would have made it less rushed, maybe added another chapter or skipped a few years into the future after he changed to show how he was doing. At least Bella and Edward had known each other for like 2 years instead of just a few months before getting married.

Final Thoughts? I loved it until Chapter 23. The Choice. But other than that ending I really liked it and it was a great way to get back to the Twilight world and fan girl again.

That’s all for my Life and Death review. Hope you guys liked my first review it was a lot of fun writing it and I can’t wait to do more! Let me know what you guys thought, comment and let’s discuss.




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