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Hey guys! I’m back with another Harry Potter post about frustrations sometimes book readers feel towards people who’ve only watched the movies. While I have nothing against the movies, I actually really like them, there is no comparison to the books. I could go on and on about Dumbledore’s portrayal (he said calmly) or the way relationships were minimized (Fleur and Bill, Tonks and Remus) or how the characters didn’t look right (Harry’s height, Ron’s freckles, Hermione’s hair, Ginny’s eyes, Luna’s…. never mind Luna looked perfect) but we don’t have time for all that so below are twelve of the things that most frustrate me. Enjoy!

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Where was Peeves? Where? I know he’s not a main character and he didn’t have a big story line but I would’ve loved to see him getting scared of McGonagall, only listening to the twins, making fun of Filch, Peeves was the comic relief not Ron. 

Dobby, Kreacher, Winky and other house elves

So Dobby disappears for films 4, 5, 6 and suddenly shows up on Deathly Hallows? It would have only taken seconds to show him working at Hogwarts and that he was getting paid (S.P.E.W. coming up next). Also Kreacher’s relationship with Harry was skipped and him leading the rest of the house elves into the battle to fight not only for Harry but also for Regulus was a great moment. Winky was completely cut off from the films, as were all the other house elves. They were being mistreated in their own franchise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


They didn’t show at all just how mistreated house elves really were. Hermione had the view of a muggle-born, she wanted to help and thought it was slavery the way they were treated; Ron on the other hand had the views of a pure-blood, he said house elves didn’t mind working that they actually liked it. The whole magical half-breeds prejudice thing was completely left out (even when everyone found out Hagrid was half giant).

St. Mungo’s

I’m only going to say two thing Neville’s parents and the return of Gilderoy Lockhart.

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The Prophecy

This is how it goes down in the movie: Harry you are the chosen one and it’s all about you, only you, just you you you you. Well you forgot to mention Neville, also who gave the prophecy, and how everyone found out. It’s not all about Harry movie directors.


Before I start ranting I think we should all sign a petition for Mrs. J.K. Rowling to write seven books about the Marauder era, who’s with me?! Anyway back to the topic at hand, the movie Marauders. First of all they were all portrayed too old, the tragedy of Lily and James dying was not only the fact that Harry was left an orphan but that they were only 21 when it happened. When Harry met Sirius and Remus, even Snape, in Prisoner of Azkaban they were all 34, meaning Sirius was only 36 when he died and Snape and Remus only 38. Let’s not even talk about all the scenes that were cut and how they all became background characters as the movies went on because we would be here forever.


Ginny is one of my favorite characters in the whole series and when I tell people they don’t understand why. I hate when people question why Harry ended with Ginny or how Ginny was relevant. Well my answer is read the books. Not only do her and Harry have an actual relationship and friendship but she has a personality, movie Ginny didn’t even have an ounce of chemistry with anyone. It was painful to watch. If I had to describe Ginny in 5 words they would be funny, independent, heartbreaker, leader and an all-around (excuse the language) badass.

Percy, Charlie, and Bill

The Weasleys did not have luck in the movies. Completely erasing Charlie: the greatest Seeker until Harry came along, cutting Percy’s story line: the black sheep of the family, Bill showing up at the end randomly: he’s like the coolest Weasley, and completely messing up Ron and Ginny. At least we have Fred and George (not even).


Ask me who my favorite character is…… It’s Ron. Because I read the books and I know Ron is not only the coward comic relief but the most loyal friend, smartest, bravest, and caring guy. Ron didn’t have a lot money wise yet he was always willing to share, no one could beat him at chess (not even Hermione), he thinks of the things no one else does, he changed his prejudice, and he was a prefect. Of course he does have flaws like his jealousy but those are all powered by his real problem, low self-esteem. Ron’s character was really trashed in the movie which I think led to Hermione’s character being changed. The movies does not do their relationship justice.

Hermione and Harry should be together


I don’t understand why the movies ever felt the need to push Hermione and Harry together. This messed up all the dynamics of the trio. Hermione was supposed to have a temper almost as bad as Harry’s, they’re too similar; that’s why Ginny works so well with Harry and Ron with Hermione, they complement each other. Ron and Hermione weren’t only friends because of Harry they had a whole other relationship without Harry. They would bicker, protect each other, and so much more. Also Ginny and Harry had a better developed and longer relationship (I mean… birthday kiss!!!)

First Kisses

Ron and Hermione’s I can kind of live with (not really) but Ginny and Harry’s was so bad. There was no chemistry or sparks or anything, it was terrible. I don’t know why they felt the need to change J.K. Rowling’s work, they were literally perfect. Harry kissed Ginny! And Hermione kissed Ron because he cared about something she cared about. This will forever bother me.

Final Battle

This wasn’t as bad specially the beginning but after Harry went into the forbidden forest to die I didn’t like how it went after that. Everything that was supposed to happen didn’t. They were all supposed to keep fighting, Harry stands up for McGonagall, Harry’s speech to Voldemort and Voldemort dying like a human not in the weird paper pieces being blown everywhere. They also missed how Fred’s death happened, the house elves barging in, Sybill Trelawney, and other smaller moments that would have been great.

The question has been ask before, will we watch a 16 hour Harry Potter movie if it included every single detail? The answer is yes, without a doubt. 

So that’s all for my frustration. Let me know if you guys agree or have any frustrations of your own and what are your favorite parts of the movies or least favorite? Hope you guys enjoyed!



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  1. Interesting. I was most disappointed about the Order of Phoenix movie. I understand why the movie makers cut, changed some things but other things they left out and changed didn’t make any sense like the fight scene in Deathy Hallows Part 2.

  2. I absolutely adore the movies,but come on,nothing can compare with the books.The thing that I am most frustrated about is the Neville part,and not just because he is one of my favourites.

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