The Land of Stories: A Grimm’s Warning Book Talk

The Land of Stories: A Grimm’s Warning


By Chris Colfer

“The first cut is always the deepest, but not every cut leaves a scar,”

Rate: B- (it went down a little bit)

A Grimm’s Warning was kind of underwhelming after The Enchantress Returns. The beginning was kind of dragged out and it felt like this book was just a build up for the next one. It had a lot of plot holes and unnecessary things that I’m guessing will be solved or talked about in Beyond the Kingdoms. Great cliff hanger at the end, also amazing new characters but there were many things that felt pointless. More details down below.


Characters? Same characters: Alex, Conner, Red, Froggy, Goldilocks, Jack, Mother Goose, Fairy Godmother, The Fairies, etc. However we met new ones like Bree, Emmerich, Rook, Hagetta, and some surprising ones that I absolutely loved. This is the one area Chris Colfer kills in, he has such a way with characters that just makes you love them or hate them. You can always count on his characters to make an impression.   

Setting? We saw a lot more of the Fairy Palace which was great and it sounds beautiful. All the other settings were pretty much the same the Corner Kingdom, the Charming Kingdom, etc. We do get more of the Otherworld aka our world and that part is actually pretty exciting.

Plot? The plot on this one felt really forced, I’m hoping everything that happened leads to something on the next book. We start with Conner discovering a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm and Alex training to become the next Fairy Godmother however they’re also facing regular teenager problems like crushes, mood swings and betrayal, while a war is unfolding and the two worlds collide. I looked forward to reading more the Conner parts than the Alex ones even though I thought it would have been the other way since Alex was in the magical world and all but Conner is just so cool.

Recommend? Yes I still liked it, I just didn’t like it as much as the two first ones.

If you haven’t read it and don’t want Spoilers then skip to the bottom.


Favorite Part? First let’s talk Bree Campbell, she is now officially one of my favorite characters for sure. I always imagined Conner’s crush to be a shy, quirky girl because you know opposites attract but Bree is awesome. Between her and Conner I don’t know who has more sass or who’s more sarcastic, they’re perfect for each other. Now for favorite moments, there was the background story of Little Bo Peep and the Masked Man (chapter 25) which i thought was great and I like the idea of them having a child who probably lives in the Otherworld (you never know with Chris Colfer). Another moment was when Bree and Conner where saying goodbye, it was perfectly written, the right amount of adorable and humor (chapter 30). The cliff hanger was also very good.  

Least Favorite Part? I didn’t like a couple of things but the ones that bothered me the most were when Sleeping Beauty found the baby right after she admitted she couldn’t’ have kids *insert deep sigh right here*. So predictable. The other part was the change of name to the assembly, I would have been fine if it was still called The Happily Ever After Assembly just with the changes Alex made, it just doesn’t sound the same, The Happily Forever After Assembly.

What would I change? I wouldn’t kill the Fairy Godmother aka their grandma! I don’t think it was necessary and it was very sad. Chris Colfer could have found a different way to make Alex the Fairy Godmother that wasn’t so harsh, like passing on a wand or fairy dust, I don’t know something else.

Final Thoughts? I’m just hoping the next one is better and all the weird, pointless details that happened in A Grimm’s Warning play a role somehow in books to come. While I still liked the book I was hoping for more since The Enchantress Returns left me with such high expectations. I believe in Chris Colfer to tie all things together but I think we could’ve skipped this book or made it a little longer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

That’s all for A Grimm’s Warning Book Talk, I’ve already started the next one and I’m liking it a lot (like a lot) more. I’ll try to upload as soon and as often as possible. If you guys have read this book before let me know your thoughts? Or if you’re planning on reading? Let’s discuss.                                    



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