Favorite Places To Read

We all have a special place where we like to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (or a bottle of Coca Cola in my case) so I decided to rank my top 5 favorite places to read. However, anywhere where I can sneak a few chapters is a great place. I won’t babble anymore, here are my favorite places:

5. Airplane


Airplane is number 5 because it’s kind of hard and very very expensive to find yourself in a plane but the best way to pass time is always reading, no matter where. I had a trip to Europe recently and I caught up on so much of my reading, also the time went by a lot faster. Just imagine sitting by the window with a comfty blanket, a beautiful view, a nice snack and your favorite book, *sigh*, the dream. 

4. Library


Surrounded by books and quiet, a library is the perfect place to curl up with a book. This one is number 4 because there are other people around and it all depends on how comfortable you are with people occasionally staring or interrupting. But if you end up not reading you can just browse the shelves for hours and that’s just as fun.

3. Pool/Beach


The sound of the water or the sun on your skin makes the perfect ambiance for reading a good book. I do prefer the beach but a pool is easier to access, at least for me. The only problem with this setting would be my book (or kindle) getting wet and that is a scary thing.

2. Car


As long as I’m not driving you can find me reading in the car. Short trips, long trips, any trips. Although for some people reading in the car may give them headaches or make them dizzy, I am glad that doesn’t happen to me (I do however feel bad for them). Again reading is just the best way to pass time and I spend a lot of time in a car.

1. Bed


Number 1 goes to none other than my bed (or any bed like in hotels or a friend’s house). I mean nothing can beat a bed, you have peace and quite with blankets, pillows, warmth, books, etc. You feel cozy and at home, all by yourself enjoying your favorite hobby… reading.

And those are my top 5 places to read! I do take advantage of any little time I find though so you may catch me reading while waiting for the bus or when having lunch, you never know. Let me know what your favorite places are and where is the weirdest place you’ve caught yourself reading?



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