How My Rating Works

If you guys have read my Book Talks, aka my book reviews, you know I always give the book a general rate somewhere in the beginning. When I first decided to make my blog I thought about using the star rating (like 3.4 stars or 4.59 stars) but then I quickly decided to change to A-F because it is a rating we all understand. Everyone has dreaded receiving an F in school so everyone knows what they mean. But what exactly do I take into consideration when rating and will I ever I actually give an F?

  • Plot: I mean without plot what do we have? I like continuity, twists and turns, excitement, to expect the unexpected. I don’t want to figure what’s going to happen on page 2, that just ruins the whole thing. (plot twists and cliff hangers are great too)
  • Characters: I always become very attach to the characters so if you write believable, amazing characters you’ve won many points with me. (consistent, relatable)
  • The Details: Books should never leave loose ends. A book that ties up everything by the end from the most important plot line to the smallest detail is a great book.
  • Feeling: We don’t read just to read, we read to escape reality, to get break from the madness, for entertainment. Sometimes a book could be perfectly written and give  A+ books should make us feel. Getting lost in the pages is one of the best feelings in the world.

Those four points are what help me decide what rating to give the book I just read. I usually start at a C and then begin adding or taking points as I read. While the main letter is what matters most the – or + should be taken into account. I know I’m no expert at rating or deciding what’s good or not but I do this for fun and we are all aloud our own opinions. Also, this doesn’t mean I’m never going to change the way I write book reviews, it may change if I find another way. Let me know how you guys rate books or if you recommend any changes to my book reviews down below. And yes, I would give a book an F if it deserves it. 



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