25 Signs You Are A Book Addict

If you are reading this that should be your first clue. Now book addiction, or bibliophilia, may sound harmless but our paychecks and families probably don’t agree. So fellow bookaholics if any of the following signs sounds like you then you do absolutetly nothing because books are awesome. Wear your book addict title proudly.


  1. Your family, friends, and S.O. always know what to get you for special occasions. Books, books, and more books.
  2. You’ll never say a movie adaptation is better than the book. 
  3. Books have affected you deeply. I’m still scarred by Fred’s death. 6-Frozen-quotes
  4. Your bucket list is mostly fictional. I just want to marry Percy Jackson.                                           
  5. Sometimes you forget to sleep or eat because of a book.
  6. Your mood is affected by the book you are reading.
  7. Your dream home doesn’t need a pool as long as it has a library (or at least bookshelves).                                                             
  8. Books are the best teachers.
  9. When someone reads a book you recommended to them, they instantly become your best friend. 
  10. You would do anything and I mean ANYTHING, to be able to live in your favorite book world. Eat a poison apple? ok. Walk on fire? sounds good. As long as it gets me to Hogwarts.
  11. You feel bad for your kids and their future names. (poor Hermione, Magnus, Sherlock) or future pets.
  12. You spend hours organizing and rearranging your bookshelves.
  13. That new book smell makes your day. tumblr_ncqcmfscdc1tm4kuzo1_250.gif
  14. Your TBR pile just keeps growing and growing even though it’s already huge.
  15. Book violence really concerns you. Cover scratches, bent pages, ripped jackets, someone call the police.
  16. A trip to a bookstore is unpredictable and never short. And I’m only buying one book is a lie.
  17. You bring books to parties. 
  18. Or anywhere really, you just carry them around. Airplanes, cars, beach, park, bathroom, etc.  
  19. You’ve suffered book hangover and it is the worst.
  20. Staying up late to read is something you don’t regret, no matter how tired you are the next day.
  21. “I’d rather be reading” is a constant thought in your head during the day.
  22. “Perfect boys only exist in books” is a sad reality for you.
  23. You own more than one edition of your favorite books.
  24. Half of your wardrobe and jewelry is book related. I think I own like three necklaces with the Deathly Hallow symbol.
  25. When people say they don’t read… Walkingaway.gif

Now if you recognized yourself on some of this or all of them, the first step is admitting it and the second is to keep on reading. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it because the feeling you get from reading is something nothing can replace.




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  1. I’m incredibly glad that I read this!First and formost I am a huge Potterhead.My whole blog is about it!Tag me as a book addict I guess!Sorry if my English is bad,it’s not my native language.I just hope that is good enough for a blog!And again this was amazing!Just keep on doing this!

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