The Writing Chronicles Intro

Hey guys! This is my first post in the writing chronicles to explain what the writing chronicles are.

I’m a very creative person with a huge imagination but since I am more of an editor than a writer (also I’m very lazy) most of my plot ideas exist only in my head. However, I have made it one of my 2018 goals to write a book. I already have ideas for plot and characters, I just need to get started. In this part of my blog I’ll post my journey writing my first book. I’ll do cover reveal, plot (eventually), and other fun stuff. We can go on this journey together and maybe I’ll finally get something done.

First thing I’ll start working on are my characters. What their names will be, their relationships, physical appearance, etc. Also, setting and overall plot. Once that’s decided I’ll start out my first chapter! Once the first chapter is done, you guys will see another post in the writing chronicles (including my writing playlist and the general struggle). Hope this wasn’t all too confusing, I was really struggling on how to write this out.

Let me know if you guys have ever tried writing anything or if you have written something. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys.



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  1. okay can’t lie this is pretty much ME. like wtf srsly why is it that everything u say i find myself nodding along with, all the way down to the GIF of The Office. THIS IS SO COOL WILL DEFINITELY READ WHAT U WROTE AND SUPPORT 100%!!

    1. Thank you so much! Trying to get back on the loop with things and pushing myself to write more. Hopefully soon this blog will be filled with posts of my work <3

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