2018 Goals

New year, new goals, I’ve never really done one of this, I always just go through the year doing things and hoping for the best but I am ready for 2018. So here is a list of everything I hope to accomplish in 2018.

Dear 2018,

This year I want to…..

  • Post more                                                                                                                                               I have done a lousy job of posting lately and even though I do have an excuse I want to apologize. Sorry sorry sorry sorry! However, I do have many plans of posts and ideas for the blog so hopefully by this time next year Laly’s Library Life will have grown.
  • Interview an author                                                                                                                   Getting to interview an author is any book bloggers’ dream. I’ve been wanting to work with authors and even bloggers since before I started the blog so if anyone reading this is interested just contact me! Here’s a secret I’ll always say yes.
  • Figure out my Book Club                                                                                                                          I have wanted to start an online book club for a while now, I just haven’t found a way. I need to organize myself and what books to read and what to talk about and I’m so busy. It is extremely frustrating but this 2018 I will figure it out… I hope.
  • Read 50 books                                                                                                                            Usually I just read for reading, I never actually count how many books I read but I’m going to try to set a goal this year. 50 books. I don’t know usually how many on average I read a year so I’m just throwing a number out there.
  • Write a book                                                                                                                                            I kind of explained this one on the Writing Chronicles post (check it out here). I want to write a book this year or at least start it because I know writing a book is a long process.
  • Double my social media followers and readers                                                                               I want to attract more people to share and enjoy reading with. The goal of this blog is for BookWorms all around the world to be ourselves and geek out.

Recently I’ve I loved writing out my goals and actually crossing them off, is very satisfactory. At the end of this year we’ll recap and see if I achieved all of this (hopefully I did!!). Comment down bellow your own goals for this 2018? (blog wise or personal life wise)

Happy New Years!!giphy.gif


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