The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms Book Talk

The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms


By Chris Colfer

“It’s better to be the hero of your own story than to become the villain of someone else’s.”

Rate: B (an improvement from the previous one)

I read Beyond the Kingdoms so fast I didn’t even make notes. Usually as I’m reading I highlight things that remind me of Harry Potter (there are quite a few), I make notes of things I find interesting but this time I just flied right through it. So this review may not be as detailed as others. I’ll try though.


Characters? I still think the best thing about Chris Colfer’s books are the characters. The Masked Man is a great villain, I’m so excited to learn more about him. However, I missed Bree! She barely made an appearance but the parts she was in were awesome. Alex and Conner are growing up which I love and interesting character ties are coming up.

Setting? There were a lot of settings because of all the kingdoms. I got really excited about all the story traveling because it brought new stories and characters. I’m a big fan of Peter Pan so going to Neverland was cool.

Plot? I thought maybe traveling into all the different worlds would be confusing or too much but the storylines were woven in so nicely. I’m not a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz or King Arthur but it was so well done. The things going on in our world were pretty exiting too and while I had already guessed that cliff hanger was going to happen, it was still an awesome way to end the book.

Recommend? Of course.

So now I am free to spoil and talk about the fact that Bree met… and Emmerich is… and King Arthur fell… So if you haven’t read skip to the end 🙂 


Favorite Part? Bree was my favorite part and Conner in Robin Hood’s world. Conner just cracks me up all the time, anytime he has a chance to shine, he pulls through. Bree going into the Step Mother’s diner was a great way to show how they were doing and the perfect place for bree. I am glad Chris Colfer didn’t decide to make it more dramatic and made Bree the twins’ cousin, creating a whole ordeal because they have a crush on each other. Very excited for what’s coming though because Emmerich is their cousin! And I’m hoping Bree makes it to the Fairy Tale world soon or at least makes a bigger appearance.

Least Favorite Part? There were parts that felt forced like Jack and Goldilocks, I am however very excited for their baby to be born and be a little badass, excuse the language. Also, the weird thing of people dying, didn’t like that either, there are like 12 kids dead and a bunch of coffins turning up. Sketchy stuff going on in Fairy Land.

What would I change? Usually I highlight stuff I want to put here so I don’t really remember details but that whole deal with Morina and Froggy was not explained good I feel very skeptical about their story and how it is going to play out. Also, poor Red couldn’t get married and now Froggy is in a mirror, she just can’t catch a break.

Final Thoughts? I want to read the next one already. And I want more Bree and Conner.

I may have to reread this one in the future because I’m pretty sure I will forget about it soon. I do want to finish the series already so I can read something else. I never read more than one book at once which slows things down but it is easier to keep track of things. I can’t wait to read the 2 next ones and move on. “An Author’s Odessy” sounds like it will have a lot of Conner so I’m looking forward to it and you guys should expect a review soon. Let me know your thoughts on “Beyond the Kingdoms”.



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