Harry Potter and their Godly Parents

Because demigods and wizards are my favorite things, here is a list of who I think the Harry Potter characters godly parents would be. Will it be Zeus? Athena? Poseidon?

Disclaimer: this are only my opinions and everyone is entitled to those. I would also love to hear your own opinions or reasons why you choose each parent for each character.

Harry Potter: Zeus


Harry is a leader, has a terrible temper and a lightning bolt scar. Zeus is a leader, has a terrible temper and throws lightning bolts. I was hesitant about this one at first because I hate Zeus and Harry sometimes reminds me of Percy but Harry is missing that Poseidon charm and you can’t deny he has some things in common with Zeus. 

Ron Weasley: Hermes


This one took me the longest to figure out. Ron is my favorite character so I had a difficult time choosing but Hermes is a strong, important god who sometimes gets overlooked or ignored, sounds like a certain redhead. They’re also incredibly clever and athletic.

Hermione Granger: Athena


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Is there any other god or goddess who could match better?

Ginny Weasley: Hermes


Took me the second longest but then I thought: who is she related to??? Ron! They aren’t exactly personality twins but they are siblings and Ginny is sneaky, athletic and intelligent, all Hermes traits.

 Draco Malfoy: Hades


Now this is not because they’re both bad but because neither of them actually are. Hades and Draco are both misjudged characters who turn out to surprise everyone. Also, I have a soft spot for both. Draco because of Scorpius and Hades because he’s my dad.

Neville Longbottom: Demeter


Another one who doesn’t need much explanation. Neville was a natural with plants and herbology and Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and harvest.

Luna Lovegood: Iris


If there is anyone as goofy and eccentric as Iris it is Luna. I think this is a match made in heaven. J. K. Rowling told us that Luna’s mom passed away while experimenting but what if she just can’t visit or be around because she’s a god. That would be cool.

George/Fred Weasley: Hermes


The whole Weasley family is descendant of Hermes, except maybe Percy. There aren’t any other characters that like tricks and jokes as much as this two. So, you know Hermes just really liked Mrs. Weasley.

Cho Chang: Aphrodite


I find them both annoying and I feel they are both always in the way. Cho is also described as beautiful (but I can’t stand her).

James Potter: Poseidon


Originally, I had picked another one for James but Poseidon fits him better. They’re both stubborn, prideful, and funny. James has that Poseidon charm that Percy got from his dad but they can both be hard to deal with at times.

Lily Evans: Athena


They don’t come as clever as Mrs. Lily Evans. She is definitely a daughter of Athena, however I almost picked Hecate (goddess of magic, crossroads and trivial knowledge) but every character on this list can control magic. Hecate is also a bit dark for Lily.

Sirius Black: Apollo


Self-centered? Check. Cocky smile? Check. Laid back? Check. These two couldn’t care less about anything except about looking good. Plus, they both have gone against their family.

Remus Lupin: Athena


I don’t personally think this is a match made in heaven because Lupin is a bit of a rule breaker and Athena is not but he is smart and later becomes a teacher so he is a nerd at heart (just with a mischievous side).

No, I did not make Lily a daughter of Athena and James a son of Poseidon on purpose but I really like it and yes, I almost put James and Sirius the same god but they are actually quite different. Hope you guys liked it. Comment down below all your own opinions because remember we are all entitled to them.


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  1. I would have pegged the twins as Loki’s had it been norse mythology.. And I’m curious about Dumbledore’s tho, do you think he would fit as Dionysus (for some reason I thought of him maybe because headmaster or maybe eccentric genius)? And Hagrid can be the great god Pan. Mcgonagall is definitely Minerva/Athena too! Trelawney is THe Oracle. Okay… this is fun!! Thank you for sharing this! 😁

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