Bookish Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves are all around us, from hating loud chewers to the feel of chalk. Us bookworms love nothing more than curling up with a book however there are a few things that get in our way from time to time. These are called Bookish Pet Peeves or Bookworm Troubles or will you please stop interrupting me while I read. If you are a book addict you’ll probably relate with these 13 things that make you cringe, roll your eyes, and/or get mad. Non-readers please take notes and maybe learn a thing or two. (P.S. I’m only including external factors that may bother us so you won’t find pet peeves like teenagers acting like parents don’t exist or love triangles).

  1. When there are stickers all over the cover


And they’re covering important parts of the book cover like the synopsis or title or the book art. Can we find better more stratigic places for the stickers? Or not put them at all. Just a sugestion.

  1. When people say they haven’t read the book.


People tell me all the time “I love Harry Potter” and I get this glimmer of hope in my heart that I’ve found my other half but then they hit me with “I’ve only seen the movies” (nothing against the movies I love them but is not the same) or “I only watched the 5 first ones” or “I didn’t finish the series”. To those people I say “Open a book!”

  1. People who are careless with books.



Especially if they are mine and I’m letting you borrow my babies. Books are not meant to be used by your dogs as chew toys or bended at the edges. Please please please take care of books and stop the book violence.

  1. Damaged books.


Bent pages, scratched covers, missing dust jackets, written margins is what nightmares are made of.

  1. Spoilers!!!


Why can’t you hold your tongue? I don’t want to know who dies or who ends up together. Spoilers ruin everything.

  1. Book summaries.


Most books now have changed putting the summary on the back of the book and instead put reviews by other authors or by the media. I don’t like that, I like reading the summary.

  1. Cover changes… in the middle of a series.


Why oh why must you change mid series, I’m looking at you Delirium (and other book series). I don’t like when all my covers don’t match.

  1. Movie Adaptations.


I don’t really hate this but there are a couple of times where I just sit there and watch wondering if the director read the same thing I read (Percy Jackson movie staff).

  1. Covers with the movie poster.


A movie adaptation comes out and all of the sudden that’s the face of my favorite book. That’s just not okay.

  1. Reading Slumps.


There are different types of slumps and I hate them all. I’m kind of in one right now where I want to read but I just can’t seem to concentrate or focus. It’s the worst.

  1. People who try to read what I’m reading.


I’m sitting down, reading peacefully when someone comes behind me and starts reading over my shoulder. Then they read it out loud really dramatic or judge the book you are reading so please dear lurker stay away from me and my books.

  1. Prices on books.


Books are expensive and money doesn’t grow on trees (technically it does but you get the point). I’m not made of money book sellers.

  1. When someone interrupts you while reading.


Last but definitely not least!! DO NOT INTERRUPT ME WHILE I READ! I repeat Do Not, DO NOT INTERRUPT ME WHILE I READ!!! Please just don’t.

So, there is the list of 13 things that bug my little reader heart. If you guys have any more pet peeves that drive you insane comment them down below. I’m working on a list of pet peeves within the actual books like plot or characters so watch out for my next post!


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