My Fictional Bucket List

I’ve never made an actual bucket list but making a fictional one seems more important. I mean haven’t we all dreamed of picking Damon over Stefan, playing a prank on Dwight with Jim or spending a day in the Beast’s library. However this list is strictly book related so you won’t see any TV or movie references included (sorry Damon). Disclaimer: Most of this are probably Harry Potter related.


  1. Go to Hogwarts

Hogwarts castle

For all Potterheads this is our number one wish. Hogwarts to be real, get sorted, attend for 7 years, and become the best witch or wizard of our generation. The slytherin common room is waiting for me.

  1. Marry Percy Jackson


My first book crush ever was Edward Cullen but since then I’ve had a couple more. Ron Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy (not the Cursed Child version), Jace Wayland, etc. etc. But the number one love of my life is and will always be Perseus “Percy” Jackson aka Seaweed Brain aka the most perfect character ever written.

  1. Fight demons with Jace, Clary, Simon, Magnus and the Lightwoods


Going on a mission with Shadowhunters is every Mortal Instruments’ fan dream. Some want to go with Tessa, Will, and Jem, I want to go with the original 6. I mean nothing beats hanging out with sarcastic Jace, fearless Clary, awkward Simon, badass Isabelle, blunt Alec, and flamboyant Magnus; I love the dynamic and team of the first 6 books and I would fit in so well.

  1. Visit Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade


The closest I’ve gotten is Universal Studios in Orlando btu I’m still hopeful for the day when I get my Hogwarts letter and find out the magical world of Harry Potter is real.

  1. Be a demigod


Hades when are you going to claim me as your daughter. I know gods have a bit of a problem keeping track and everything but it’s been 18 years and you still haven’t come looking for me.

  1. Live in the Land of Stories


I’m a Fairy Tale fan and a book fan so Land of Stories is what my head looks like most days. You’d just have to add a corner with Harry Potter and other fandoms around and it’ll be in the best place in the world. So living in the Land of Stories is in my bucketlist for sure.

Now the thing about bucket lists is that they keep growing, especially since I’ll keep reading and reading. So be ready for a part 2 as I become a meber of new fandoms and find more fictional dreams I wish could come true.

P.S: I wrote a little something in Wander.Media, you should go check it out:


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  1. I love Harry Potter.My whole blog is actually about it!Your writing is amazing and I like the topics.Definitely happy I clicked on this.My favourite characters are Hermione,Neville,Luna and Lupin.Favourite couples:Harry and Ginny,Ron and Hermione,Neville and Luna.

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