The Littlest Potter-Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express

Chapter 2 is up! We meet a couple of new characters some made up by me, others by the wonderful J.K. Rowling. Hope you guys like and I don’t own anything except the plot idea.

Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express

    “James could you brush your hair it looks like a bird’s nest”, Dad rolled his eyes at mom. She knew there was no fixing it, both Albus and James had inherit dad’s messy dark hair. I got lucky, with long, straight, red hair like hers. However, once you saw my eyes you knew I was Harry Potter’s daughter. The green, almond shaped eyes kept getting passed down through generations; and also the bad eyesight but I chose to wear contacts instead of glasses unlike Albus.

  “Finally we are here! I thought we’d never make it”, we still had like an hour left, “come on, come on, hurry guys.”

  “Every year she reminds me more and more of your grandmother”, we laughed with dad while mom ran ahead like a crazy woman.
   We put our luggage and cages in the trolleys and started towards platform 9¾. Once there we started looking for the rest of our family, we found them pretty easy since it was the biggest group on the platform. Uncle Percy and aunt Audrey were there, Molly was already wearing her Head Girl badge and uncle Bill was trying to keep boys away from Dominique. As soon as Roxanne saw me she got away from uncle George and aunt Angelina to tell me the latest Weasley gossip.
   “Uncle Ron and aunt Hermione aren’t here yet!”
   We both laughed because that meant uncle Ron was probably getting an earful about how it was absolutely irresponsible to be late all the time.    Finally at 11:46 Rose, Hugo, aunt Hermione and uncle Ron arrived. They put away their luggage and it was clear aunt Hermione was not happy.
   “Hermione how was I supposed to know?”, uncle Ron looked at Hugo, “this is all your fault”.
   “Not my fault I’m a lot like you”, Hugo walked away and came over to where we were.
   “Ron there are no excuses to be late and stop blaming your child”
  Uncle Ron came over to where my dad was and whispered so only we could hear, “bloody hell this woman!”.
  A whistle sounded signaling that it was time to board the train and the goodbyes started or should I say the parental drama.
  “Oh promise me you’ll write Lily”, mom was crying, “James fix your hair”. She hugged us all and gave us a kiss on the cheek, “the house is going to be so empty”
   Dad didn’t fuss as much, “don’t forget to behave and have fun”, he gave us a hug and let us go.

   We boarded the train after waving goodbye to everyone. The older generation wished us luck and went on to find their own friends leaving Hugo, Roxanne and I alone.
  “Well let’s find a compartment then”, they both nodded agreeing with me and we started looking, “no, too many people, no, nope, full… Heyy! watch where you are going!”, someone bumped right into me. I looked at the person and got the feeling I had seen him before. I crossed my arms and waited for him to say something.
 “Sorry, I’ll watch out next time”, he looked me over, “I’m Scorpius Malfoy”, he smiled mischievously and stuck out his hand. Oooooooh I did know him.
  I looked at his hand and ignored it, “I’m Lily, Lily Potter”.
  “I figured”, I narrowed my eyes at him, ready to say something back. “Well Lily Potter, I guess I’ll see you around, remember to watch where you are going”, he winked and walked past me before I had time to react.
  “What.. whe.. huh.. arghh, I was watching where I was going, he’s the one that needs to watch where he’s going” I started mumbling angrily and kept looking for a compartment.
  Finally we found one, I sat down and looked out the window. Roxanne and Hugo hadn’t said anything, my family had learned after many years that it was best to leave me alone when I was mad.

   Someone opened the compartment door and looked inside, “oh sorry I was just looking for somewhere to sit, I can go somewhere else”, she looked really nervous.
    “No, hey, it’s okay, we have space here”, Roxanne invited her in.
    I moved over closer to the window so she could sit in the empty space beside me. I looked her over, she had light brown hair, almost blonde, and big, bright blue eyes. She had muggle clothes on and her hair was pulled back in some fancy kind of braid.
    “So what’s your name?”, Roxanne being friendly, tried to start conversation.
   “Umm, I’m Beatrice Griffiths”
   “Well Beatrice, this is Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, and I’m Roxanne Weasley”, both Hugo and me waved at her.
   She waved back shyly, “so you guys are related?”
   “Yeah, we are all cousins”, Roxanne explained and I added, “you’ll find out that we are related to like half the school”.
   She raised her eyebrows in disbelief and looked over at Roxanne for confirmation. Roxanne nodded, “yeah our grandparents had a lot of children and then their children had a lot of children…….”, and she started telling her all about Weasleys, Potters, Johnsons, Delacours, and the entire wizarding world.
   I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew I was being shaken awake by someone.
   “Lily we are almost there you have to change into your robes”, I looked up and saw Hugo’s bright red hair.
  “Okay okay I’m going”, I mumbled back sleepily. I got up and went to change from my muggle clothes to the school uniform. When I got back everyone was there already dressed. Hugo stuck out his hand at me and handed me a chocolate frog. I smiled at him brightly, “thank you”. I opened the chocolate frog and ate it, I was about to throw the box away when Hugo screamed at me.
 “The card! Don’t throw away the card.”
 I forget that he and uncle Ron collect them. I took out the card, looked at the witch or wizard and rolled my eyes. “Here you go”, I handed it over to Hugo and chuckled when he rolled his eyes.
  “Never mind I’ve got a hundreds of this one”.
  “Who is it?”, I had totally forgotten about the blue eyed girl, Beatrice I think was her name.
  “It’s just my dad”, Hugo blushed the color of his hair and I laughed.
  “What are you laughing about? Your dad it’s all over the cards too”.
  “Yeah but at least he doesn’t frame them”
  Hugo stuck his tongue out at me and I stuck mine right back. I clearly won that argument. Beatrice was looking at us with an amused expression, she hadn’t seen anything yet.

  Finally the train came to a stop and everyone started rushing out to a tiny, dark platform. The nerves were kicking in, I had heard so much about this place, dreamt about coming here for years and it was finally happening. Suddenly a lamp came bobbing over our heads.
 “Firs’ years! Firs’ years over here!”, I realized it was Hagrid and smiled, a familiar face. We all followed him through a slippery and narrow path until we got to the end of a lake, the Black Lake. There were boats and lights and if you looked in the distance you could see the most amazing sight ever. The Hogwarts castle was there contrasting against the dark sky, standing like it hadn’t been destroyed years ago, as if the war had never happened.
  “No more’n four to a boat!”
  Hugo, Roxanne, Laura and I got inside a boat. Once everyone was seated and Hagrid gave the signal we started moving forward. It was one of the best experience of my life, a moment I’ll never forget. The boats reached their destination and we all got down and went up some steps stopping in front of a huge wooden door.
  “Everyone here?”, Hagrid looked us over and we nodded then he turned and with his huge fist knocked on the door three times.

~So what did you think of Malfoy and Laura? Next chapter will be up soon so keep an eye out.


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