One of Us is Lying Book Talk

One of Us is Lying


By Karen M. McManus

“Things will get worse before they get better.”

Rate:A (almost plus)

I was in a reading slump and One of Us is Lying took me out of it!! So, thank you so much because I was at that point where I wanted to read but I couldn’t. Arghhh, it’s so frustrating! But finally, I found the book that took me out of it. I was pleasantly surprised with One of Us is Lying, it’s all Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars. You have the Geek, the Princess, the Jock, the Criminal, and the Nutcase. It is full of surprises that make you literally gasp (at least I did) it kept me confused and even though I called the ending on chapter 24 but I wasn’t bothered because it still shocked me.


Characters? I liked the four main characters a lot, instantly fell in love with bad boy Nate. The way the author wrote the relationships and the character’s growth was so clear and straight forward unlike everything else in the book. They each had their quirks and little secrets which made them so different and special.

Setting? Setting was pretty simple, a high school, the character’s houses and a few others. I think the author kept the characters and settings simple on purpose so it wouldn’t take from the plot.

Plot? I usually stay away from mystery books because they tend to drag and drag (aka. Pretty Little Liars) but this one was short and sweet. We got into the drama pretty quickly and in every chapter there was something new revealed or a really good cliffhanger. I will definitely be checking out more books by Karen M. McManus because she has a way with words.

Recommend? A 100% yes!

Now for spoilers!! Going into details so stay away if you haven’t read and want to be as shocked as I was.


Favorite Part? My favorite part was the way the characters grew. The Bayview Four changed so much from the beginning to the end. Their relationship as friends too, they went from being strangers to being best friends. Addy’s change I think was the most drastic, I remember not liking her in the beginning and by the end she had won me over. Obviously, Nate is perfection which leads to my least favorite part…

Least Favorite Part? When Nate was taken by the police! I hated it, everyone was so sure it was him (except for Bronwyn and Addy and Cooper) it broke my heart a little. But thankfully all was fixed and Nate was free to go.

What would I change?I would change Bronwyn’s name (lol) I just can’t pronounce it! This book was so great I don’t think there’s much I would change maybe more Bronwyn and Nate since they were only together together for like one chapter.

Final Thoughts? Great book if you are feeling stuck or want to get away from all the fantasy. Full of twists and turns, you won’t be able to put it down.

Sorry for being gone so long guys but I’m back. Lots of things going on in the outside world but I love writing and this blog so nothing will stop me. Hope you guys liked my “One of Us is Lying, Book Talk”. Let me know if you guys have read it or plan on reading it down below!


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