Thoughts I had while rereading PJO

Recently I decided I wanted to read all the Percy Jackson books aka. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Trials of Apollo, etc. So, while rereading the first five (my personal favorites) I wrote down some stuff that I hadn’t noticed the first time. Here are thoughts I had while rereading PJO.


  1. “Best Titler” award goes to… Mr. Percy JacksonI mean Percy is perfect.
  2. I want to be a half-blood-Yeah, I know being a half-blood is not all superpowers and god like abilities but I want to be one. I want to go on quests, take sword fighting classes and go to Mount Olympus. Hermes or Hades should be claiming me soon.
  3. “Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face.”-My life in a sentence, Percy gets it.
  4. Percy and Annabeth <3
  5. I called it!-Luke, scorpion, you know the rest
  6. Only time I haven’t liked Percy-Tyson is such a sweetheart and Percy is embarrassed by him, I don’t like that. However, their relationship and Percy’s feeling do change so I’m okay. I mean nobody is perfect.
  7. “Most annoying character” award goes to… Clarisse
  8. THALIA!!!
  9. I could not be a hunter-Sorry Artemis, you are still cool though.
  10. Coolest fight ever-Thalia vs. Percy is golden.
  11. Dam! (lol)
  12. Percy and Annabeth <3
  13. “Always in the way” award goes to… Rachel Elizabeth Dare-I’m thankful she saved them and everything but come on! Do not mess with Percabeth, that’s just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Just no. nope. Stay away.
  14. The labyrinth is a scary place man-Personally, I wouldn’t go in
  15. That’s their first kiss-Disappointed.
  16. The “Why is she here?” Award goes to… Calypso-She does have a purpose later, a purpose I really like but don’t mess with Percabeth.
  17. Jealous Annabeth, hehe
  18. Jealous Percy, hehe
  19. I really don’t like Hera-And she doesn’t get much better.
  20. Poseidon!-I love that he came over, Sally blushing, Paul Blowfish (lolololol), Percy’s his favorite son, and of course offer zero help because gods can’t get involve in their kids’ life.
  21. She kissed him!-What did I say about getting in the way of Percabeth?
  22. The war has started
  23. Finally, the prophecy
  24. “best character/mom/person” award goes to… Sally Jackson-She is too good, too understanding and a Percabeth shipper.
  25. Just when I was starting to like Nico
  26. Percy and Annabeth <3-She saved him (from the river and the knife)
  27. Really?-We need Clarisse to kill the Drakon. Arghh.
  28. Too much is happening-Clarisse isn’t Clarisse, Silena risked her life, she’s also the spy, and Clarisse did something useful for once.
  29. So, we all know what’s happening to Rachel
  30. Hades! And Nico!-Hey they saved the day.
  31. Poseidon! And Percy!-Hey they saved the day.
  32. Wow Luke saved Olympus
  33. I’m glad Percy stays mortal-They’re so cute
  34. And Rachel is officially out of the way-Yes (celebratory dance)
  35. New prophecy
  36. Percy and Annabeth <3-Now that’s a kiss

And those are all 36 thoughts I had while rereading Percy Jackson for like the 5th, maybe 6thtime. Actually, I had more but I didn’t write them all down. Let me know down below your own thoughts, musings and questions you had while rereading PJO.



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