To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Book vs. Movie

Books turned to movies, it’s been done and it will keep getting done. However as much as they try they’ll never be able to fully adapt the perfection that are books into movies. Details are always left out no matter how much they try. Down below are some of the mayor changes from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before book to movie. (btw SPOILERS AHEAD!)


Kitty’s reasons to send the letters
In the book Kitty gets upset because Lara Jean is teasing her about her crush on Josh so as revenge Kitty ships the letters. Also, in the book who sent the letters is tried to be kept a mystery. We see Kitty sneaking in Lara Jean’s room and looking at the hat box and her reason is she wants her sister to have fun and go out.
The contract
Peter is the one who suggests the hand in the back pocket instead of kissing and pda. The contract is longer and states that that she won’t make him watch rom-coms, and he won’t take her to see action movies.


Instead, in the movie, the contract says that Peter will watch Sixteen Candles and Lara Jean will watch Fight Club.
Lara Jean and Peter K’s first kiss
We get a lot of background information about how Peter kissed Lara Jean after everyone had left their middle school co-sex party which indicates Peter may have also had a crush on Lara Jean before all this happens. While they are still at a party, they kissed because of a game of spin the bottle.
Josh and Lara Jean kiss
Josh kisses Lara Jean on Christmas after a whole lot of drama and him being jealous of Peter K. Josh never kisses Lara Jean and there’s not as much drama.
Peter dresses up as Spiderman and gets jealous of Josh because he dresses like Harry Potter to match Lara Jean’s costume of Cho Chang. This never happens L nor does Thanksgiving.
The hot tub video
This doesn’t happen in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, it happens on the sequel P.S. I Still Love You. Which also means Lara Jean and Peter K don’t get back together until the second book and he helps her through the coming out of the video. Lara Jean and Peter fight about the video and get together again because of it but in the book this doesn’t happen.
Post credit scene
John Ambrose McClaren comes out before but Lara Jean doesn’t talk to him and we don’t see him again until the next book. (where he gets on the way) “The one that got away” shows up at the Covey’s house letter and flowers in hand.


There are also many small details like Peter changing cars to take both Lara Jean and Kitty, Jamie Fox-Pickle, and Peter K saying “You’re Welcome” to everything but the ones mentioned above are the ones that shouldn’t have been left out. So have you guys watched or read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? Did you see any other differences or changes? Let me know down below. (and here are some gifs of Noah Centineo/Peter K to make your day better)



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