Book Borrowing Contract





The following document states all the rules and courtesies one should follow when borrowing my books. I don’t mean to be rude or a drama queen/king but the book you are taking with you I consider family so please follow the following…


  1. Return in a timely matter
  2. DON’T eat while reading the book
  3. Talk about the book with the friend you borrowed it from
  4. Don’t loan it to anybody else
  5. No bent, dog-eared, folded, crumpled, writing or missing pages
  6. Don’t take it on the bath or pool or anywhere near water
  7. You break it, you replace it
  8. You lose it, you replace it
  9. Last but not least… THE FICTIONAL BOY IS MINE!


I hereby accept all the aforementioned rules and I promise to treat the book with care and love until I return them safely and securely.


______________ Borrower’s Signature


______________ Owner’s Signature

****I’m back with this short, different and goofy post 🙂


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