Always and Forever, Lara Jean Book Talk

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

By Jenny Han

“Never say no when you really want to say yes.”


This book review is mainly because I already did the other two and well this was a little, tiny, small bit better than P.S. I Still Love You. So this book talk is going to be short and sweet and very quick.


Characters? Same characters as before.

Setting? Same old same old. The high school, a party and college. We see Peter K’s house.

Plot? All the problems from P.S. I Still Love You are solved. Lara Jean and Peter K are together again but now there are new challenges like college, family members, and first times.

Recommend?No, sorry.


Favorite Part? The end. Even though the getting there was tough at least it had a happy ending.

Least Favorite Part?Lara Jean breaking up with Peter K after getting drunk and saying she only wanted to have sex to put an ending to their relationship. It was awful. Also, Peter’s mom being all nosey. Me no likey. 

What would I change?The way they handled the first time/losing virginity/sex situation. It kind of dragged on and let’s be realistic it’s not like that.

Final Thoughts? Read it if you’ve read the others, I mean might as well. This trilogy would have been a really cute, strong stand alone novel but money talks man.

Sorry to everyone who likes it or feels differently but it just wasn’t for me. Not judging. There is variety in the world for a reason. Everyone likes different things so let me know down below how you felt reading this. Did you like it? Read it? Burn it? 


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