Lola and The Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door

By Stephanie Perkins

“I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.” 


I really really really liked this one. I think lola and the Boy Next Door is my favorite from the Anna and the French Kiss trilogy. It had enough drama but not too much to make me roll my eyes or want to skip a few chapters. Plus Cricket Bell is literally the cutest. Heart eyes everywhere. St. Clair is sexy and Josh is hot (yes there is a difference) but Cricket is cute. So cute. Also, Anna and St. clair make an appearance which felt forced at first but as the book went on it fit in perfectly.


Characters? Again perkins killed it with the characters. So much detailed and growth. Lola has all the troubles of a confused teenager and Cricket all the insecurities of always being in the shadows of his sister. I like that we see more of their personal lifes like parents, sister and friends so the book is not all about the main couple which creates a great balance. 

Setting? The setting is different from Anna and the French Kiss, we’re not in Paris anymore. Lola and the Boy Next Door takes place in San Francisco, in a neighborhood I imagine looks like the houses from Full House because they’re all right next to each other. I really liked the change cause it made it different and not just another copy of the first.

Plot? Great plot with great flow. One of the reasons this one is my favorite is because all the conflicts were resolved in a way that felt natural, not too forced. Nothing dragged on unnecessarily and Lola had one of the best growth I’ve read in a while. For once the girl had to be worth of the boy and not the other way around and I liked that.



Favorite Part? I loved when Lola told Cricket that she wants to be with him but first she has to be good enough for him and find herself. I feel like it’s always the boy that’s never good enough for the girl or the boy is the one who messes up but girls mess up too; they’re unkind and break hearts. Also liked that Anna and St. Clair showed up.

Least Favorite Part? I think my least favorite thing wasn’t a part but a person. Yeah you guessed it I hate… Calliope. She’s a bitch (excuse my language) ARGH. Always in the way messing with my Cricket and being rude to Lola. I understand her “reasons” and that she’s only human but me no like her.

Final Thoughts? Loved the plot, the characters and everything, I think it’s my favorite book I’ve read recently. Highly recommend you to read it too.

Next review will be Isla and the Happily Ever After and then there won’t be one for a while because I’m currently rereading Harry Potter (unless you guys want book reviews for those? Let me know if you do) but there will be new posts about other topics up. Now go read.


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