Reading Hacks to Read More

First month of 2020 is done. Welcome February, and good luck to Kansas in the Super Bowl (I don’t even watch sports). Now as you can see, time goes by fast, sometimes we can’t read all the books we want. I’ve listed down below some options to make reading faster and easier so you can read more books and reach your yearly reading goal. Also, maybe have some extra time for writing or sleeping. Now this ideas may not work for everyone but they are worth giving it a try. 

  • Audiobooks

This is the perfect option for the busy reader (like a college student or mom). You can listen to audiobooks while driving, showering, cooking, etc.

  • Silence your phone

Most of the time your biggest distraction, not only when reading, but in life overall is your phone. So when you’re trying to get a little reading time in maybe turn off your notifications for a while or at least lower the volume.

  • Plan out your reads

Make a list of all books you want to read and divide them into categories like genres or the mood you have to be to read them so when you are done you know which one to pick up next.

  • Always have something to read

Either in your phone/tablet or carry one on your purse/bookbag so whenever you get sometime you can read. You’re waiting in line, stuck waiting for the bus, you don’t want to talk to your uber driver just take out your ipad or book and enjoy your few minutes of reading time.

  • Join challenges (or a book club)

Goodreads, goodreads, goodreads! They have an app and a website and you can join challenges and more to get you to read more (check out my Goodreads book club insert book club name) Also at public libraries or school you can find various book clubs. 

  • Find the right environment…read alone

A library, your room, the beach. Find a quite nuck to get your read on.

  • Always read what you want to read (and stop reading if you don’t like the book)

Don’t read a book because everyone else is or because your friend thought it was really good. Read because you picked a book and want to read it. And if you start a book and don’t like it stop reading it, don’t force it.

  • Get a library card

Let’s face it, books are expensive (physical copies or online) so get a library card. You can take out as many books as you want and you get a month with them. After you’re done you can just return those and take out more.

Hope this helped you guys or at least entertained you. If you guys have any other hacks that may help you guys read more let everyone know in the comments below. Have you guys set up any reading goals for 2020? If so, what are they? 




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