What to gift your favorite bookworm?

Valentine’s Day is coming (or a birthday is just around the corner) and you don’t know what to give you favorite bookworm. This gifts work for any special occasion that may be close. P.S. Don’t forget if this aren’t acquirable, we never get upset with a Barnes & Noble gift card.


Try to sneak a look at their goodreads or their personal libraries. Any book lover will appreciate a good book as a gift.


We love reading in a quite, small and cozy corner bonus if it smells like books.


You can DIY some fun bookmarks to add special meaning or buy some for really cheap.


Darkness and night shouldn’t stop a reader, reading lamps are life savers.


Clothes, pillowcases, jewelry, collectibles, ornaments. The options are limitless.


For those with no space for a huge bookshelf or already have multiple bookshelves but still have extra books laying around; a nice floating, space saving bookshelf is perfect.


Reading while taking a bath is underrated but dangerous. Our beloved books could fall in the water (or your ipad, kindle, ereader, etc) bath tables can fix this!


A corner, a sofa, a book, what’s missing? A comfty blanket and a mug full of your favorite drink.


There are so many cool, geeky bookbags to carry books around. Like the one above.

*Also! Check out this bag for your bed, I found it while looking for book bags and was blown away.



To decorate and make your bookshelf stand out. There are so many cool themes like superheroes, letters, flowers and more.


For the hard to keep open books or for reading while eating or just being lazy.


Perfect game to show off all the words we learn reading a new book every week.

This are just ideas, if you really know your person you’ll know exactly what to get them. For Christmas all I got were Harry Potter collectibles and books. Also a toy car but that was a joke (I asked for an actual real life car and my family thought it would be funny to give me a toy). What was the last gift you got for your bookworm? or for yourself?!


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