Heroes of Olympus Dream Cast

I know, I know, I know, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief was not a good movie. However, I still think we deserve some kind of movie/tv representation. I made my dream cast list and I share it with a warning. I did not pick the person who looked the most like the character or resembled the character best, I chose thinking about how they would portray the character and how true to their essence they would be. Physical features can be altered ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even de-aging (taking some years off) is a thing in movies now. Anyone watch The Irishman?

  • Percy-Tom Holland.                                                                                                                     He just needs sea green eyes, but he has the Percy spirit. Also, I have a crush on both of them (Percy & Tom).


  • Annabeth-Dakota Fanning.                                                                                                                This was by far the hardest to choose. Dakota is very talented and can play many roles and I think she would be a good fit with Tom Holland too. 

Indiewire Oscars Project

  • Jason-Alex Pettyfer.                                                                                                                          Jason is a complex character but handsome and very stoic. Alex looks the part.


  • Piper-Kelsey Asbille Chow.                                                                                                         Kelsey fits Piper so well I don’t know why more people don’t put her, I remember her from the Disney channel days.


  • Leo-Lucas Jade Zumann (but with long hair).                                                                       Shaggy, curly and longer hair and we’ve got our Leo Valdez.


  • Hazel-Amandla Stenberg (Zendaya).                                                                                               I can’t pick! Zendaya is too tall but I love her. Amandla is perfect, maybe lighter colored eye contacts.                      


  • Frank-Ki Hong Lee                                                                                                                       He just needs to bulk up a little more, I always imagined Frank as bulky and clumsy.


  • Nico-Timothee Chalamet.                                                                                                           I know Nico may seem a bit younger but I think Chamalet can pull it off. He looks like a baby. 


  • Reyna-Tanaya Beatty.                                                                                                                    Reyna and Tanaya, both fierce women. 


  • Octavian-Ryan Ochoa                                                                                                                But dye him blonde.


  • Calypso-Indiana Evans.                                                                                                             Calypso is described as having a timeless beauty, Indiana is gorgeous and while Calypso’s eyes are described as dark it can mean dark blue.


  • Tyson-Tye Sheridan                                                                                                                       The lovable Cyclops we all love. With CGI we can make him maybe bigger plus obviously the one eye thing.        


  • Will-Lucas Till                                                                                                                               I mean Lucas just looks like the son of the god of sun and light. That smile is winning. 


  • Chiron-Gary Oldman.                                                                                                                 Can you imagine Gary Oldman as a centaur. That’s all.


  • Coach Hedge-Andy Serkis                                                                                                          I can picture him screaming and running around with a club.  


  • Zeus/Jupiter-Ian Somerholder.                                                                                                          Ian Somerholder can be intimidating and commanding. Also, proud and arrogant (cough cough, Damon, cough cough). He can bring a lot to this character.


  • Poseidon/Neptune-Chris Hermsworth                                                                                     Have you ever met anyone more charismatic than Chris Hermsworth? And he already has experience playing a god. 


  • Hades/Pluto-Luke Evans                                                                                                             I almost chose Johnny Depp but Luke Evans would be really good though.


  • Hera/Juno-Angelina Jolie.                                                                                                           If you’ve seen Maleficent then you know Angelina Jolie can be mean and mean equals Hera/Juno.


  • Hestia/Vesta-Emma Watson                                                                                                             I know Hestia shows herself as a young girl most of the time but doesn’t Emma Watson just looks and feels like a Hestia.                                                                            


  • Demeter/Ceres-Reese Witherspoon                                                                                 Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong. Demeter can be both sweet and caring, or strict and unforgiving and Reese can be anything.


  • Hermes/Mercury-Orlando Bloom                                                                                      This one was hard but I’m pretty happy with this choice. 


  • Apollo/Apollo-Zac Efron                                                                                                             I mean do I even need to explain.


  • Artemis/Mackenzie Foy                                                                                                          Young but strong. Mackenzie would be great.


  • Ares/Mars-Manu Bennett                                                                                                Throw some sunglasses and a motorcycle.


  • Aphrodite/Venus-Margot Robbie (Blake Lively)                                                                     I couldn’t decide! They’re both so gorgeous. I think I’m leaning more towards Blake Lively, what do you guys think?


  • Athena/Minerva-Gal Gadgot                                                                                               Who better than Wonder Woman to play the goddess of  wisdom and war?


  • Hephaestus/Vulcan-John C. Reily                                                                                           The god of fire and metalworking and more, father of Leo Valdez, judged by everyone and excluded from everything. John C Reily would kill it.                                                                       


  • Dionysus/Bacchus-Jack Black                                                                                                 Jack Black can bring that dry humor that Dionysus possesses so good, he’s a star.

IFP's 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Red Carpet

  • Gaea-Cate Blanchet                                                                                                                    Like Chris Hermsworth she has experience playing a goddess. Goddess of death turn into Goddess of Earth. 


In an ideal world all of this would be real, they would all be the right ages, and I could direct it. Lol. Also, Rick Riordan would be very involve. Let me know what you guys think of this “cast” and who you guys would cast down below.


(Art not by me!)


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