Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: Book Talk


By Rainbow Rowell

“To really be a nerd, she’d decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”

 Rate: Solid B

I’ve been reading so much (hope I don’t jinx it). I finished the whole Throne of Glass Series, a post about that coming soon. And I just finished Fangirl. In one day. Which if you follow my Instagram you can see me doing all these reading challenges including reading Fangirl in 24 hours. Now to my review which is really good because this was a solid book.


Characters? These characters grew on me. In the beginning, I was not into any of them (sorry) except for Levi. However, Rainbow Rowell did such a good job of showing us character growth and backstory that explains everything, doesn’t justify, but makes you understand them better. 100 points for characters.

Setting? Simple setting, let’s you concentrate on the plot. It all happens at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and we do get a little tour of the campus.

Plot? Nothing feels rushed or forced. Everything flows so smoothly, it was my favorite thing of the book. I want to read more from Rainbow Rowell even though her other books don’t really call my attention but just because of her writing style I want to tackle more of her books.

Recommend? Si!

Now for details. Please skip to the end if you haven’t read!!


Overall thoughts? The story talks a lot about fanfiction and I appreciate that a lot. When you say I read fanfiction, people automatically think you are reading “smut” or “lemony” books which Cather and the other girl she talks to mention. I think some fanfictions are so good and deserve to be read, I am a Fanfiction stan! Another topic that they cover is the effect a parent living and splitting can have on their kids, in different ways. Also, they did not forgive their mom which I thought was okay because their mom really didn’t do much for them or tried really hard. Cather and Wren reacted so differently to how their mom left and we all thought Cath took it the hardest but Wren was just hiding it (at least that’s how I felt). They touched on mental illness which I think was handled amazingly. Overall Rainbow Rowell wrote a retable and good paced story that I couldn’t put down with great topics.

Favorite Part? Levi made a joke that made me laugh out loud. He is by far my favorite character.

“What’s wrong with Starbucks?”
“It’s a big, faceless corporation.” He raised a good-natured brow. “So far, they’ve let me keep my face.”

Btw this is the part I’m talking about.

Least Favorite Part? After Wren went to the hospital I think it didn’t impact her enough which can happen but I just thought she would be more affected by it. She kept saying that she wasn’t going to stop drinking, that kind of bothered me. We also never found out what actually happened that night.

What would I change? I would have done something more with the fact that Levi couldn’t read. I thought he was going to have dyslexia but I appreciated that Cath said audiobooks do count as reading because they are such big help for people who have a reading difficulty.

Final Thoughts? Love this book, it was not what I was expecting and it exceeded my expectations.

Next book I’m going to take notes while reading, it really helps with the reviews. I actually think I’m going to start Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I don’t know if I will do the reviews book by book or the series as a whole like I’m going to do with the Throne of Glass series, we’ll see once I get into it. That’s all for this book talk let me know what you guys thought of Fangirl? And of Levi (insert heart eyes).


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