7 Ways to Kill off a Character

Warning: Do not take this seriously, every death that is spoken of or refered to is for FICTIONAL writing only. Again please please DO NOT take this to heart (except if you’re writing a novel)


How and when you kill a character in your book can make or break the novel. Consider how it will affect the story, how the readers will feel. Is this death going to cause sadness or relief? Is it going to cut the story short or help it move along? A good death can be epic. A character’s death***. Now here are some ways to do it.

  1. Poison71-9fROUGpL._AC_SL1500_

This can be used as murder (someone poisons another character), as an accident (took poison by mistake) or voluntary (Romeo and Juliet style). Poison, much like everything on this list, has endless options.

  1. Ship sunk

No one wants a repeat of titanic but as long as it’s fictional, blow up a ship.


  1. Shot

A very common way that can be very dramatic or straight to the point. I’m actually creeped out by guns, they hold too much power, I’ve never held one and hopefully will never have to.


  1. Car accident

Easy to write in. Everyone rides a car. Also, whenever I read or hear or see car accidents it reminds me how fragile life is.


  1. A fire

Very tragic, fires can be started on purpose or by mistake, they can start from a stove or a candle. Also, it’s an accident that leaves residues, physically and emotionally.


  1. In battlebattle_cartoon

There are always casualties in a war. We all get upset when a character dies but it is very unrealistic that everyone on the good side survives. It unfortunately makes the story better when someone dies.

  1. A decease

We live in a world where there is extensive history of plagues and deceases, most of them, deadly. If you write a sick character make sure that’s not all there is to this character because then it won’t feel as a loss.


Killing off a character doesn’t only consist of how you do it but also when. Take into consideration why you are killing the character. Think of the purpose their death serves, how will it move the story along. If you feel hesitant or sad to see the character go you’re probably doing something right. The death can be used for emotional impact, be central to the plot or just feels like it’s what needs to happen. Do you guys have any strategies to deal with character’s deaths? Do you have any other ways to kill a character?



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