Non-Bookish Things I’m Into

While books are a huge part of my life they are not all I am. So here are 7 non-bookish things I’m into:

  1. Ballet

The only thing bigger than my love for books is ballet (except my family, they are number one above all things). I have been dancing ballet since I was 5 and it is my career goal. I want to be a professional ballet dancer. Ballet is one of the hardest things in this world, from the physical demand to the mental/psychological strength it requires, but this isn’t a ballet rant so moving on.


  1. Food

I love food and cooking and nutrition. I enjoy a salad (a good salad) as much as I can enjoy a piece of cake. Cooking is a recent found love of mine and I’m not letting it go. Also, baking. Yum.


  1. Friends

The TV Show. Here is the order of my favorite to least favorite characters: Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Monica. However, I love them all equally and wouldn’t love the show as much if any of them weren’t there.


  1. Disney

I signed up for Disney+ the day it came out. I looooooveeeeee Disney. From the princesses to Marvel to everything. Currently in a Marvel movie marathon (while also reading Kingdom of Ash and trying to write a novel. Multitasking much).


  1. Traveling

If I could travel the whole world I would. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money but if I ever do have money, my house will get lonely.


  1. Exercising

I am one of those people who actually like exercising. I really do enjoy it, not every day but we all have those days.


  1. Napping

Master napper here. Yes, it gets in the way of getting things done but I love my naps. No shame.


Wow! Sorry for the messy post, hope you like it and got to know me better. There are obviously more stuff (like my hair, drawing, watching Netflix, etc.) but they aren’t such a big part of my life as the ones listed above. Now you guys should let me know down below the non-bookish things you are into!




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  1. I always wanted someone to write about this. And I completely agree with your opinion about Ballet. Although I don’t know anything about Ballet…. But it itself looks so hard. Hoping that you are safe and will fulfill your dreams to be a ballet dancer who has enormous books 💜📖

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