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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS! So if you haven’t read the Throne of Glass series please don’t spoil it for yourself and go read the books. It will be worth it.

DISCLAIMER 2: I know the Assassin’s Blade is a “prequel” novel but I recommend reading it after Heir of Fire aka the third book.

Now go away and go read Throne of Glass!

Okay so originally I was going to review the books one by one like usual but I flew through this series. I finished one and started the other right away. So I thought about doing them all this way, let me know if you guys like it.

I took messy notes which means this is probably going to be a messy post. Overall I loved the series it has definitely made it high on my favorites. Here are some of my thoughts.

The Assassin’s Blade: I read the Assasin’s Blade way too late in the series. I read it after Empire of Storms and before Tower of Dawn. My thoughts were that I do not ship Celaena and Sam. Sorry. I found Sam’s character annoying and kind of bland, he was always complaining and I liked the chapters he wasn’t in better. However, it was awesome to see Celaena again instead of Aelin. I think of them as different characters, even Aelin says it in book three and four. Highlights! Celaena and Dorian dancing, it was so good. It took me back to the Throne of Glass days, back to the beginning. 

Rating– I give this book a solid B.

Throne of Glass: This felt like the perfect opening book. I wasn’t bothered by the love triangle, Team Dorian though. Like I mentioned on top for me Celaena and Aelin feel like different characters so I do ship Celaena and Dorian, I do not ship Aelin with Dorian. Chaol was my least favorite character until Tower of Dawn but before that did not like him. The way this series started with this book to Kingdom of Ash is crazy to me. What a journey. We do get introduced to Wyrdmarks in this but not really because we’re all still confused about them. Other than Wyrdmarks we don’t really learn much about magic and the fae, etc. Highlights! Fleetwood, the puppy, that was so cute. I mean Dorian is the love of my life if he gives me a puppy, I’ll die. All of the Celaena and Dorian moments were so good I was heartbroken when she ended it at the end even though I understood why. Something I love about Celaena/Aelin she is unapologetically herself. She’s bad**s while also still loving dresses, baths, and all things girly. I love this because usually to find a strong leading lady she needs to be either nerdy or tomboyish.

Rating– A

Crown of Midnight: Okay highlights! first because wow wow wow. Celaena the assassin is the main character of this book. She shows why she’s Adarlan’s Assassin and I loved it. Chapter 28 (rescues Chaol and kills so many people without even flinching), chapter 30 (tries to kill Chaol), chapter 35 (tortures and kills Grave), chapter 36 (she goes take Grave’s head to the king, such a good scene), chapter 41 (kills Baba Yellowlegs which leads to awesome later), chapter 51 (kills Archer). Just if you guys wanted to see Celaena in action. I was upset with the Chaol/Celaena relationship but after this book that ship sunk, deep and dead. This was my least favorite book.

Rating– C+

Heir of Fire: This book was a transition book. It took us from one extreme to the other. We also had three different points of views/stories going on and a couple of new characters. Sorcha (never really cared for her), Manon (so boring in this book), Aedion (a little annoying), Rowan (love him). So sad when Dorian got the collar. Reading it was so horrible, especially in Queen of Shadows. Highlight! Rowan taking care of Aelin after she had a burnout and they went from hate to we will heal each other. I ship Aelin and Rowan. In this book, I wanted to just read the Aelin chapters.

Rating– B-

Queen of Shadows: My absolute favorite. I didn’t mind the point of view changing in this book. I wanted to read from everyone. Also, so many highlights. Highlights! Aelin saving Aedion (internal screaming), Rowan comes back (this was so cute when she saw him), Aelin wears the dress and the nightgowns (so much flirting). When Rowan and Aelin were flirting with their mind thingy in front of Arobynn, uff so good. New characters Arobynn (hate him), Lysandra (love her), Evangeline (adorable), Elide (like her, very smart), Nesryn (she’s okay, kind of boring). I was so scared when Arobynn put the ring on Aelin but she had it all planned out like the queen she is. We gave Manon a puppy, Abraxos, and she gets feelings. I was so bored by her chapters in the book before and now I love her. These books really take you on a rollercoaster. The ending of this book is my favorite too. Chaol goes to get healed which leads to Tower of Dawn and Yrene, Elide is on her way to find Aelin and to meet Lorcan, Dorian gets checked up on by Manon, and Aelin and the gang arrive at Terrasen, finally. Highlight! When Aelin and Rowan finally get together, the fight from before, the whole don’t touch me like that led to the perfect get together. I want a gold nightgown now for myself. Hahaha.

Rating– A++

Empire of Storms: Chaol does not make an appearance in this book, like at all. This is the most romance filled or as romantic as Sarah gets. It is also very explicit, not PG 13. Aedion and Lysandra are the slowest ship of the ships, like can they take a hint. There’s a war you never know what may happen, take your chances. Manon in this book is amazing. She has become one of my favorites. Dorian turns all sexy and dark in this book, I mean those ghost hands, the dominating, almost gave me a heart attack. When Dorian is in danger Aelin sends Rowan to save him and then Dorian saves Manon from Rowan which leads to Manon fighting with her grandma and to Dorian and Rowan bonding. Bromance. Highlights! Manon’s backstory, it was such a twist and exciting reveal. When we get to see Aelin be Celaena for one last time. Meeting Rolfe, it was so satisfying when he opened the door and she was sitting on his desk. She also managed to surprise everyone, even Rowan, her mate. We find out they are mates on the last scene when Maeve the evilest of all evils shows up. That last scene had me shook. The whipping, Manon being sneaky with the Wyrdkeys, the iron box, and chains, Rowan’s real story, Lorcan’s betrayal. Elide and Lorcan are weird because I ship them but I don’t mind when they aren’t together. When all the armies arrive and Lysandra turns to Aelin. She had everything plan in case she was gone and this was the saddest realization ever. It felt like Aelin had lost hope of surviving this war even before Kingdom of Ash.

Rating– B


Tower of Dawn– When I saw that this book was all about Chaol. And Nesryn. My two least favorite characters, I was like this is going to suck. It didn’t though. Wow, this book blew me away Yrene  (love her!), the khagan and all the princes and princesses. It was awesome to get to see a new part of this world and take a break from Adarlan and all the drama. So happy Chaol and Nesryn didn’t end up together. The relationship between Chaol and Yrene, even though fast, it was so well done. I really like Nesryn and Sartaq because they are so different, she’s kind of dry but he brings out this side of her that makes her less annoying. We find the merchant from The Assassin’s Blade who turns out to be Lysandra’s uncle. I mean what? Sarah does it again. Hasar is so annoying, don’t really want her around. Highlight! When Chaol reads Yrene’s note from Aelin, it was so good. However, I did not want him to tell her so she would be surprised when they saw each other again.

Rating– An unexpected B+ almost A-

Kingdom of Ash: Last but certainly not least! I cried so much when Aelin got rescued and wanted to take the iron chains off and couldn’t. It was heartbreaking, so sad. Manon and Dorian in this book had me in my feels. They have this yes/no thing going on that just made me want to read their chapters all the time. The journey Dorian goes through in this book is rough with the shifting, tricking Maeve (like what? He did the impossible) and the whole daddy issues. While I don’t like the king, he is humanized in this book and it makes me sad to think Dorian could’ve had a great dad if it wasn’t for a child’s curiosity. Every page is a battle. Lysandra and Aedion had it rough in this book but obviously, everyone ended with their “mates” by the end. It made me sad to see Aelin so broken in this book. When she put her life to a vote and people voted to kill her before the battle like I was like WTF. The final battle was so good. Everyone played a part, there were heroes left and right, up and down. Elide, Yrene, Aelin, Lysandra, Dorian and the Thirteen were the Highlight! Fenrys deserved better. Also, Aelin and Dorian reuniting with Chaol (at their separate times) were beautiful, I love my original trio. By far best part when Manon says “we’ll see” to her and Dorian getting married, I think I screamed out loud. What can I say I’m a fangirl.

Rating– A

So here is my Throne of Glass Series Book Talk. What a series. I can’t believe I took so long to start reading it. P.S. One of the visions Aelin saw while with Maeve was that there was no war, no Erawan, Aelin’s parents are alive, Terrasen is perfect and one day Maeve sends the cadre or Rowan to fix relationships between Terrasen and Wendlyn and Aelin and Rowan meet for the first time. I need a fanfic about this ASAP or if there’s one already please let me know in the comments. I would love to see a young, happy Aelin meet an unbroken Rowan with no clue they are going to be together forever. I still love the original story but I really want to read this.

That is all hope this isn’t too messy. Let me know what you guys thought of the Throne of Glass series? Who’s your favorite character? What was your favorite moment? Comment down below.


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