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WARNING: I am discussing the whole series. This post is full of spoilers! So don’t read if you haven’t read the series. IT IS WORTH READING!!!

P.S. I personally recommend reading Fairest: Levana’s Story and Stars Above after finishing Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter.

Okay so I was very hesitant to read this series because robots and cyborgs and ugh. I don’t really like to read about space and technology but this was so good! Like wow blew-my-mind. I am going to go into further detail right now because I need to get this off my chest. I had all the feels! All of them! Which I think it’s also due to the fact that I did not spoil anything for myself. Accomplishment.

Cinder: I was not super into it from the beginning because you know metal hand and foot plus little android running around but I really wanted to know how the story played out. However, from the beginning I never understood why Cinder hated so much being a cyborg. It’s cool. I wish I had a google in my head so I could look up anything at any time. Also, she can tell when people are lying. I have to make a confession I distrusted Peony the whole beginning and then she got sick and it was so sad. I mistrusted Torin too but he turned out to be great, kind of helpful actually in book three. This is not exactly like Cinderella but there were many parallels which you can find in my future post Lunar Chronicles vs. Fairy Tales Parallels. I did not see it coming that she was going to be lunar but after we learned she was I was like “she’s princess Selene”. The ball scene was intense. When she fell down the stairs and was just lying there without a foot and all broken, it was horrible. My favorite character in this book was Dr. Erland (I know surprise) and in second place Iko. I liked Dr. Erland in this book because he was so good to Cinder he didn’t care she was cyborg, he was just trying to help, and the way he teased her because of Kai was so funny. Cinder and Kai have some issues to work out. I really wanted Cinder to take the ribbon Peony gave Iko and save it for once they found her a new body but that was just me being sentimental. 

Rating: A-

Scarlet: Question: Are port screens cellphones? Because they fit in pockets and have a lot of info but I don’t think they make calls so I don’t know. It was awesome to see Cinder. I though each book would be about each individual character but thank god it’s not. We get to hear from both Cinder and Kai. Now for Scarlet and her storyline, it was so good how her and Cinder’s story tied together. Scarlet’s grandmother took care of Cinder when she had the accident. I thought Dr. Erawan was going to be Scarlet’s grandfather but I was wrong about that and I was also wrong about Thorne, he is my favorite, he won me over with this one line “I know, I know. She seems a little”-crossing his eyes, he swirled both fingers around his ears- “but it’s really part of her charm, once you get to know her”. Back to Scarlet and Wolf, Wolf is complicated. At the beginning I was like aw my heart, I thought Wolf was so cute and innocent but slowly I went mmm too fast don’t trust him. Everything moved so fast in their relationship and it still did later, I mean they were the first to get married out of the squad. By this point it was obvious how bad is Queen Levana. She is evil, really evil. Now to save Cress!

Rating: A

Cress: I was so sad when everyone got separated and they took Scarlet. I didn’t know how they were going to fix everything and get everyone back together but they did it in an amazing way. Kai didn’t hate Cinder, they were so cute, my little heart. Cress and Thorne are still a better relationship than the rest though. Cress is so naïve and thinks the world of Thorne but he doesn’t deserve it and everyone knows it. Such a good character/relationship development. Dr. Erawan was not Scarlet’s grandfather but he was Cress’ dad and he died, he used to be my favorite character in the first book, what the heck?! I didn’t mind Thorne’s blindness but I did like the way he got his eyesight  back, how he saw Cress and Iko. Oh my god! Iko! She has a new body. I love Iko she is so human; her character is amazing. The plague has changed and now it affects Lunars too, I was so scared Thorne had it for a second there, I was about to cry. We got to meet Winter, she by far is the one who reminds me the most of their fairy tale counterpart. She is so sweet and she saved Scarlet, so I’m thankful. The kidnapping of Prince Kai was perfect. It was so fun to read, Cinder is so powerful but so hesitant to become her full self. I like how imperfect all the characters are, they all have flaws that in this world of space, technology and robots brings a realness to the whole plot.

Rating: A+

Winter: This book was too good for me to take too many notes, I just kept reading and reading. Second favorite relationship Jacin and Winter. I love the way they grew up together and how they’ve helped each other through out. Well he’s helped her. I was not expecting this to turn into Snow White because all the others have been just slightly hinted at or like one piece of the story but wow oh wow did this take a turn. Levana sent someone to kill Winter, she gave her an apple candy, she was in a glass box, she was kissed and they lived happily ever after. I don’t know why but it surprised me so much that Jacin was the one sent to kill Winter. After it made so much sense, obviously it was going to be him. I don’t know if it was because I was not expecting such a Snow White twist. Now the rest of this Winter summary is going to be all my feels from chapter 89 and on. I was in a constant state of feels. Thorne being manipulated, Cress shooting for the first time and shooting at Thorne. Then Thorne stabs Cress and I almost lost it, Levana was being so awful, no surprise there. The whole crew showed up and everyone was fighting everyone. The Cinder and Levana showdown was so good, of course Cinder felt bad and trusted her so then Levana stabbed her in the heart! And then after this we don’t go straight into Cinder’s current state, we go to Scarlet and Wolf who for once I really like them. We do find out Cinder is awake though! We jump to Jacin and Winter and when he thought about kissing her I was already rolling my eyes, so cheesy, but then Winter woke up and she didn’t remember him because she was made of snow and everything wasn’t rainbows and perfection, he was so disappointed. This moment made my heart aw. When Jacin jumped back and thought Winter had been pretending to be asleep was so cute. Cinder on her way to be an awesome queen, she made better choices in that one meeting than Levana in her whole reign. Thorne and Cress are so cute! Thorne gets to keep his rampion and they are together now and Thorne’s declaration was so good. They’ll forever be my favorite. Winter is getting the device to help her and also becoming the ambassador between Luna and Earth. Who knew Kai was such a cheeky, little charming prince. His and Cinder’s talk was so adorable, they still rank number 3 on my relationship faves but this put them closer to second than before. Also I feel some tension between guard Kinney and our dear old Iko? Great Ending!!

Rating: A+

Fairest: Good book, not necessary to read though. Levana is so delusional. Wow she is just so detached from life. I thought Winter’s dad, her husband, was an actual relationship but it wasn’t. She forced it. Wish we could’ve seen more of Channary because she was such an interesting character. I think she did love Cinder/Selene and then she just died. Hearing more of her story, from her point of view, would’ve been amazing. Let’s start a petition for Marissa Meyer to write about Channary and her growth. I also wanted to see more of Winter’s and Levana’s relationship. The only thing this book did was further confirm that Levana was insane.

Rating: A-

Stars Above: Stars Above is a compilation of 9 short stories from different times and characters. The Keeper: This one is about Scarlet’s grandmother and how she came in possession of Cinder. I loved seeing more of Michelle and it broke my heart when she gave Cinder her name and she said even if she never knew her at least she gave her her new name. Glitches: This one was included in Cinder so I had already read it. Re-reading it reminded me of the craziness that I ever mistrusted Peony. Also I don’t know how that marriage ever worked, the stepmother sucks and Garan was so sweet. The Queen’s Army: This one proofed just how horrible Levana is. Seeing Wolf so innocent and small, forced to become something he didn’t want to be. Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: Thorne has money. Well his parents do. In the other books it wasn’t mentioned about Thorne’s past and while not as dramatic or hard as the others it was sad to see a young Thorne trying to find a way to be loved by his parents or at least acknowledge. After Sunshine Passes By: Little Cress! When Cress realized she was staying alone in that satellite and yet she still had hope, it broke my heart. The Princess and The Guard: We got to see how Winter got her scars and that is all I needed. This one was my favorite short story from the bunch. Jacin and Winter’s relationship is beautiful. The Little Android: This was such a cute but with a very sad unexpected ending. When Star gave everything up for her love really showed how unselfish she was and that sometimes happy endings don’t happen. Also, unexpected Cinder appearance. The Mechanic: This was cute but I didn’t really need it. I already knew what was going to happen. Something Old, Something New: I loved seeing everyone. Did not like the part where Cress was like I’m used to Thorne flirting with everyone. If you want to show how much Cress has grown there were so many other ways we could’ve done it. Everything else was perfection. From the surprise wedding to the proposal. Kai stole my heart (still number three though)

Rating: A

Let me know how the petition to learn more about Channary is going down below. How did you guys like this series? I give it a 10 out of 10, so good. Also, which covers do you guys prefer the originals or the new editions? They new ones are so pretty but I don’t know if I like them better than the originals.




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