Twilight Characters’ Godly Parents

If the Twilight characters took a trip into the Percy Jackson world who would claim them? Here are my predictions and thoughts of who each characters’ godly mom or dad would be. Now this is just my opinion and I used a lot of minor gods but I’m pretty happy with this list.

Bella Swan-Eris


Eris is the goddess of chaos, strife and discord. Bella pretty much trips over air and when she does vampires want to kill her. Danger magnet, chaos everywhere. 

Edward Cullen-Aphrodite


Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, Edward does everything for love and he’s beautifully. He however did not get the vanity of his goddess mom.

Jacob Black-Hephaestus


Hephaestus is the god of fire, metalworking and forges. Jacob is a big, burly, and less funny version of Leo Valdez.

Carlisle Cullen-Asclepius


Asclepius is the god of medicine and he got in trouble for healing mortals and bringing people back to life. Are we sure him and Carlisle aren’t the same person?

Esme Cullen-Hestia


Hestia is the goddess of hearth, family and home. The only difference between her and Esme is that Hestia doesn’t do boys.

Alice Cullen-The Oracle


Alice is too cool to be the daughter of a normal god/goddess. She is the Oracle. Duh…

Emmett Cullen-Ares


Ares is the god of war. It is said that Ares is the untamed, physical part of war and while Emmett is not violent or mean, he is untamed and driven by his physicality and strength.

Rosalie Hale-Hera


Hera is the goddess of marriage and birth. All Rosalie wants is a baby and they are both biatches (excuse the language).

Jasper Hale-Athena


Athena is the goddesss of war, the strategic and intelligent part of war. Jasper is the opposite of Emmett so they have the opposite sides of war.

Renesmee Cullen-Elpis


Elpis is the goddess of hope. Renesmee saved everyone from the Volturi. She gave everyone hope for a different world, one without the Volturi overruling everything.

Charlie Cullen-Kratos


Kratos is the god of strength. No character in Twilight is stronger than Charlie.

Seth Clearwater-Iris


Iris is the goddess of rainbows and the messenger. Seth is the messenger between the packs and vampires. Also he’s so pure and innocent.

Lea Clearwater-Artemis


Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild nature, and chastity. If Leah could join Artemis and swear off men, she would.

And that’s all. Let me know what you guys thought of this post. Should I do more with different fandoms? Throne of Glass? The Mortal Instruments? Comment down below who should get claimed next!


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