The Littlest Potter-Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express

Chapter 2 is up! We meet a couple of new characters some made up by me, others by the wonderful J.K. Rowling. Hope you guys like and I don't own anything except the plot idea. Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express     "James could you brush your hair it looks like a bird’s nest", Dad rolled his eyes... Continue Reading →


Harry Potter BOOK Fans Frustrations

Hey guys! I’m back with another Harry Potter post about frustrations sometimes book readers feel towards people who’ve only watched the movies. While I have nothing against the movies, I actually really like them, there is no comparison to the books. I could go on and on about Dumbledore’s portrayal (he said calmly) or the... Continue Reading →

Percy Jackson Characters Get Sorted

Hey guys! I’m back with a post that I think is pretty self-explanatory. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are probably my top fandoms and I like to talk about them all the time. That’s what inspired this post where I sort some of the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus characters to their Hogwarts houses (or at... Continue Reading →

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