How to Create Good Characters

No matter how good your plot is, you need strong characters that can carry the story along. Creating your characters can be the funnest part of the writing process. You have full liberty to make them anyway you want. Based them off your best friend or that stranger you saw once at the grocery store.... Continue Reading →


Ways to Create Character Sympathy

Whether it be to make a villain more like-able or to make us love our protagonist, we need to put one of these traits in our characters to make the reader attached to them and the plot. The story won’t feel the same if you don’t feel attached to the main character. To love the... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Kill off a Character

Warning: Do not take this seriously, every death that is spoken of or refered to is for FICTIONAL writing only. Again please please DO NOT take this to heart (except if you’re writing a novel) How and when you kill a character in your book can make or break the novel. Consider how it will... Continue Reading →

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